Acquisition and Refinance for Commercial Real Estate

With Bridge and Permanent Options for Property Owners

Our Loan Parameters

Permanent Bridge
Loan Amounts $3-30 million $5-30 million
Collateral First Mortgages First Mortgages
Interest Rates Fixed rates priced over Treasuries Floating starting at LIBOR + 300bps
Loan Term 5-10 years and up to 30 on a case-by-case basis 1-5 years including extensions
Maximum LTV/LTC LTV Up to 75% LTC Up to 80%
Recourse Generally non-recourse, standard carve-outs only Generally non-recourse, standard carve-outs only
Prepayment Subject to defeasance or yield maintenance Open, subject to minimum interest or yield maintenance
Amortization Varies on a case-by-case basis Interest only generally with amortization structured on deal-by-deal basis
Fees Origination Fees: 0-1% Origination Fees: 1% Exit Fees: 1%

Customized Lending

PLUM Lending is a full service commercial real estate lender that provides creative structured finance solutions. We specialize in the capitalization of middle-market commercial real estate properties nationwide with a focus on secondary markets.

We provide borrowers with capital through our various direct lending programs as well as access to construction financing, mezzanine capital, and preferred and joint-venture equity investments.

Properties We Finance

Multifamily Properties
Office Properties
Retail Properties
Hospital Properties
Industrial Properties
Industrial & Self Storage
Mobile Home Properties
Mobile Home & RV Park

We Simplify the Loan Process


1. Knowledgeable Consultation

A quick phone call with your dedicated loan originator to go over your specific scenario.


2. Secure Document Submission

Submit initial required financial documents discussed in the consultation to obtain a loan quote.


3. Term Sheet Issued

Once documentation is reviewed, you will receive a non-binding term sheet for discussion. PLUM will then issue you an official application on agreed-upon terms.


4. Loan Application Approved

Your loan passes through underwriting and third-party reports are completed. Once approved, loan documents will be drawn, and your loan moves to closing.


5. Loan Funded

Congratulations. You can rest easy knowing that you have acquired the right loan for your particular needs.

“ What really impressed me about my experience with PLUM is that this is the first time I’ve felt like a lender was on my side. When I talk to them it’s like I’m talking to someone on my team. They make the customer feel like they win, and I’d love to work with them again. “

RV Park, Montana

I felt such a sense of relief that I was able to get a 20 year fixed-rate loan, as that was really important to me. “

Multifamily Property, California

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